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New Officer Candidate Selection - Almost all professional law enforcement agencies have some type of psychological screening as part of the hiring requirements. To be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the psychological examination must follow an initial offer of employment and must be limited to information that can be scientifically connected to issues of later misconduct or liability (not simply apply a clinical label to the applicant what is supposed to be unacceptable). The report must not include unneeded and personal information, as is sometimes part of clinical evaluations used in treatment settings. Tests that are used must clearly support the "hire or not hire" decision with relevant, valid data that can withstand the scrutiny regarding the probability that your decision was correct under the FRE 702 and subsequent case law (sometimes called the Standards).

Matrix Inc. is the leader in such scientific and legally sound methods of psychological screening. We have developed a "non-mental illness" test called the M-PULSE© Inventory (exclusively for law enforcement officers and not for psychiatric patients) that may be used in a pre-employment manner and which may be combined with the M-PULSE© Methodology for far more accurate and precise hiring decisions

Fitness for Duty Evaluation - Matrix Inc. is the recognized authority in the psychological examination of commissioned, serving officers who have developed mental difficulties that appear to have impacted their personal uties. Once employed as a law enforcement officer, the emergence of bizarre or aberrant behaviors may require that the officer be relieved of his or her duties. This is often a protection for the public when the officer acts in an unsafe manner and may be needed when the officer cannot perform required duties. No department or agency can be indifferent to such conduct. In addition to meeting the state of the art scientific conditions, Drs. Rostow and Davis have written the well recognized book on the topic of FFDEs for the use of police executives and others interested in issues of officer behavior and mental health (see A Handbook for Psychological Fitness-for-Duty Evalutations in Law Enforcement).


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