Alan F. Friedman, Ph.D.

Biographic Outline

Dr. Alan F. Friedman provides state of the art pre-employment and post-conditional hiring assessments for police/fire/dispatch personnel using the Matrix - Psychological Uniform Law Enforcement Selection Evaluation (M-PULSE©/M-FLAME©/M-RAD©) methodology specifically designed to identify potential liability areas such as excessive force, off-duty misconduct, unprofessional conduct, procedural mistakes, inappropriate vehicle and weapon use, property damage, sexually and racially offensive conduct, interpersonal difficulties, chemical dependency, potential for reprimand/suspension/resignation/termination, and lawsuit potential.

Dr. Friedman also specializes in Fitness For Duty Evaluations for safety sensitive positions such as police and fire personnel, nuclear power plant operators, flight crews, air traffic controllers, and transportation operators. He regularly provides consultations to agencies and departments on sensitive referral matters and is considered a leading expert in the threat assessment of potentially dangerous employees. He routinely advises law enforcement agencies, corporations, and organizations of all sizes on security issues and risk management strategies. Dr. Friedman also provides training seminars to law enforcement executives and supervisors on detecting and managing "Officers at Risk." He is experienced as an expert witness and litigation consultant, both for the plaintiff and defendant regarding negligent hiring, retention, and supervision. Dr. Friedman has testified in a high profile case for a multibillion dollar corporation regarding sexual abuse in the workplace as well as in a highly publicized death penalty case.

Recent and current clients include multiple law enforcement and fire departments, municipalities, hospitals, manufacturing and commercial companies, and financial institutions. Dr. Friedman has completed major projects establishing workplace violence prevention programs including policies and procedures for several multibillion dollar manufacturing companies.

Dr. Friedman is an Associate Professor (since 1983) in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University and is a Fellow in the Society for Personality Assessment. Dr. Friedman was previously the Chief Psychologist in charge of emergency services at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He is also a member of the American and Illinois Psychological Associations. He is the senior author of four highly acclaimed MMPI textbooks on psychological assessment and pre-employment screening which are frequently cited and used by practitioners and researchers around the country. Author of numerous professional articles, Dr. Friedman has written for various trade publications such as Security Management Bulletin and Security Watch. Relevant articles include "When and How to Evaluate Fitness for Duty" and "Lessons from Littleton". Dr. Friedman authored an invited chapter for the American Bar Association on threat assessment and fitness for duty evaluations. Dr. Friedman is also the senior author of a chapter published by John Wiley & Sons about suicide prediction in a book entitled Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Suicidal Behavior, and numerous other chapters and research articles.

Dr. Friedman earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Cincinnati and interned at Ohio State University Medical School. He completed his Master's degree at California State University and received his undergraduate degree from the University of California.


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