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It will always fall to the insurers and fund managers associated with public/private safety and security agencies to provide defense and/or pay for the injuries and damages that occur in the performance of official duty. Accidents will happen, some employees are more likely to incur expenses and injury as a product of their conduct than others. The goal has always been for the agency to minimize embarrassing conduct and expensive restitution and legal expense, especially since the burden of responsibility to select and supervise exployees in safety and security agencies is more demanding and onerous than many other occupational areas.

Matrix Inc. has taken on the task of providing maximum protection to our clients from the viewpoint of Selection of Safety and Security Employees and the Fitness for Duty procedure. But selecting potential officer and firefighter candidates using statistical methods that predict a wide array of liability issues and in showing serious concerns about proper Fitness for Duty methods with incumbent officers and firefighters, Matrix Inc. contributes to reducing the cost of liability protection and enhances the public confidence in the capability and effectiveness of your personnel.

All risk managers and insurance providers should be aware of the manner in which Matrix Inc. can assist in the reduction of liability at affodable costs and in a scientific manner.


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