Nuclear Services Division

The reliability and trustworthiness of those who have access to the nation's critical nuclear infrastructure and systems is paramount to public safety and security. The measure of the liability or risk posed by those seeking to work in nuclear facilities, be it the myriad of trades and professions required for a refueling outage or permanent employees of the nuclear facility, is the unique focus of Matrix Inc.

The Nuclear Services Division of Matrix Inc provides a full range of psychological services to meet the needs of the nuclear industry. At the fore is well-tooled psychological screening program for access authorization to nuclear facilities. Honed over fifteen years to meet the legal and regulatory mandates of the industry, the Matrix Inc. Nuclear Screening Program includes a detailed manual of policies and procedures, forms, assessment services for high volume, large group in-processing, and state of the art web-based video-conferencing for clinical interviews.

Matrix Inc. provides for flexible contracting for nuclear companies, sites, and self-screening contractors by offering methodologies and programs for on-site and off-site testing and interviewing for access authorization, return to work following short term disability, and fitness for duty evaluations.


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